Deadpool & Spider-Man: Hit-Monkey
A short fan-fiction script set in the MCU, of Deadpool and Spider-Man teaming up.
Don't Forget To Be Awesome
A short ode/poem to a loved one who lives life always remembering "don't forget to be awesome."
First Catch
A short ode about making a monster friend; inspired by the idea of catching your first Pokemon.
Pigs & Lasers
A funny, short little poem based on a news story of pig-masked people in Sweden harassing mobile gamers.
Remember All I Am
A short poem for those going through heartache and betrayal. There is always beauty at the end of the tunnel.
Sunset's Ashes
A short, tender visual novel of two people sharing memories while climbing a mountain together.
Sunsetting Thoughts
A poem written to your loved one while viewing the sunset over a mountain range.
The Ridiculously Rolled Legends of El Bandito Burrito
Epic life tales of the most ridiculous burrito that ever lived.
The Sun Always Shines
Short poem to hurricane Matthew as it approaches Florida, remembering Florida's strength and past.
What's This?
Parody song lyrics about desserts based on the song "What's This?" from "The Nightmare Before Christmas".
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