The Ridiculously Rolled Legends of El Bandito Burrito
Epic life tales of the most ridiculous burrito that ever lived.
Sunset's Ashes
A short, tender visual novel of two people sharing memories while climbing a mountain together.
The Sun Always Shines
Short poem to hurricane Matthew as it approaches Florida, remembering Florida's strength and past.
I'm Happy & Sure
A "lousy" poem written to a friend as a fun gesture, thanks to a quote by Kurt Vonnegut about the arts and enjoying them.
Remember All I Am
A short poem for those going through heartache and betrayal. There is always beauty at the end of the tunnel.
Sunsetting Thoughts
A poem written to your loved one while viewing the sunset over a mountain range.
Don't Forget To Be Awesome
A short ode/poem to a loved one who lives life always remembering "don't forget to be awesome."
Do You Wanna Make A Sundae?
Parody song lyrics about making a sundae, based on "Do you wanna build a snowman?" from Frozen.
Breakfast in Bed with Red
A short poem/ode about a person making breakfast to serve to their lover.
Pigs & Lasers
A funny, short little poem based on a news story of pig-masked people in Sweden harassing mobile gamers.
What's This?
Parody song lyrics about desserts based on the song "What's This?" from "The Nightmare Before Christmas".
Star Trek Into The Light
A script for a fictional, full-length feature film set in the Star Trek universe.
Deadpool & Spider-Man: Hit-Monkey
A short fan-fiction script set in the MCU, of Deadpool and Spider-Man teaming up.
First Catch
A short ode about making a monster friend; inspired by the idea of catching your first Pokemon.
The Blue Bomber vs. The Red Baron
Real-world interactive performance with two non-actors in improvised roles.
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