The Buffalo Tribune

An online fake news publication set within a game world, covering related events.

The Buffalo Tribune
A fake online news publication set within the world of the game Canvas.
Within the game Canvas, this newspaper exists, writing articles relevant to the time period, but also providing coverage of the a murder trial which led to the events of the game's main character.  I created the online site, and oversaw all of the articles posted, writing some as well.
I kept all articles relevant to the time period set by the game.  Working with its project manager, wrote the over-arching story of the game's protagonist in relation to the world around him.  Then ensured all articles pertaining directly the game story fit appropriately with the theme and intention.
As the game was dealing with an individual in an asylum, and the trial of a mentally disturbed person, the news publication fake housing was of an abandoned asylum.  Ensured the asylum's location fit with the setting of the game and existed during the time period.
University of Central Florida, Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy (FIEA)
Infinite 8
September 2011

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