Full Sail University
Instructed on classes in scripting, project management, Flash animation, server communication, enterprise application development, and media streaming.
While teaching at Full Sail University, I handled multiple classes, both online and on campus, where I was the primary instructor.
Wrote curriculum plans for courses, outlining the professional development and quality passed on to students.
Created assignments for each course relevant to real-world requests.  Each assignment was treated as a project for which the student could add to their portfolio.
Assisted with labs, helping students gain a stronger understanding of the material being worked on.
Provided hands-on workshops outside of class to cover additional topics not covered in the classroom.
List of courses I worked in were primarily part of the Web Design & Development, Bachelor of Science degree.
 - FFW Flex Frameworks
 - SMS Streaming Media Servers
 - WAD Web Application Development
 - EAD Enterprise Application Development
 - WDD 101 Project Management and Assessment I
 - WDD 102 Project Management and Assessment II
 - WDD 203 Project Management and Assessment III
 - DFP Deployment of Flash Projects
 - FFM Flash Fundamentals
 - OOP Object-Oriented Programming
 - FDA Flash Design and Animation
 - SFW Scripting for Web Applications
 - FAT Flash Advanced Topics
FFW Flex Frameworks
The Flex Frameworks Course reinforces and builds upon ActionScript knowledge presented in the previous Flash platform courses.  Students will explore the Flex SDK and will be introduced to the concepts of MXML including layout containers, data binding, and flash remoting.  This course teaches students how to architect, develop, and deploy rich Internet applications utilizing the open-source Flex Framework.
For their final project, students had to build a web application where a user, in this case themselves, would sign-in and download an exam.  Their application had to then display the information as an exam-taking tool, allowing them to take their final exam received from connecting to the server.  Upon completion, they then had to send their answers back to the server to submit the exam.  Essentially, they had to build an application allowing them to take their final exam.
SMS Streaming Media Servers
The Streaming Media Servers Course explores the technologies used to deliver media data over a network as a steady continuous stream, allowing playback to proceed while it is being received.  Emphasis is placed on understanding the delivery system properties and protocols.  Using current industry techniques, students learn how to deliver live or prerecorded rich media content in real time over the Internet.  This course covers streaming media file formats, streaming media server protocols, and streaming media clients.
PMA1 Programming for Web Applications
The Programming for Web Applications I course trains students in the technologies used to create dynamic content for the web using client-side programming. This course builds upon the coding and logic concepts learned in the Web Programming Fundamentals course, continuing the use of JavaScript. Students will also be shown more advanced concepts, such as data structures and key algorithms.
PMA2 Programming for Web Applications II
The Programming for Web Applications II course continues teaching the client-side technologies used for creating dynamic content for the web. Students in this course expand upon the knowledge they received in the Programming for Web Applications I course by learning more advanced concepts of scripting languages such as JavaScript. Students will also explore new technologies to control the behavior of a web page that will not require client requests or hosting server interaction.
Front-End Web Frameworks
The Front-End Web Frameworks course reinforces and builds upon the concepts presented in the previous client-side development courses. Students will explore, compare, and contrast the features and uses of current client-side development libraries and frameworks. This course teaches students how to architect, develop, and deploy rich internet applications utilizing industry-standard Open Source tools.
DFP Deployment of Flash Projects
In the Deployment of Web Projects course, all of the elements of web development come together, with an emphasis on the design and production of complex, interactive products. Students will go through the process of producing an interactive project from initial concept to final distribution. This course teaches skills required to produce an intricate web product and deliver it on multiple platforms, including desktop, mobile, and advanced devices.

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