Factor Defense

A real-time strategy game requiring you to learn and master factoring in order to succeed.

Led the development of the game throughout design and production. Mapped out the production schedule, creating user stories and working with developers to populate tasks. Tracked development as we progress, working with leads to solve roadblocks and bottlenecks.

Presented updates to stakeholders and executives. Managed expectations and filtered needs to the development team. Worked with content creators to develop final requirements and integrate those plans into the design process.
Early Level
Provided direction on features and assets for the game. Road-mapped necessary elements, and scheduled deadlines to meet with company expectations while still presenting the best game experience.
Overworld Map
Handled communication between development teams to ensure a unified focus and vision across titles in the same story world. Setup the pipeline of shared assets between teams for engineering and art. Negotiated third-party contracting for art and audio as necessary, and oversaw the integration of those team members, as well as the pipeline for their assets to the team.

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