Led the team throughout design and development of the project. Organized and oversaw meetings and stand-ups. Tracked progress of development, creating and monitoring tasks, and communicating with team members on roadblocks or needs. Developed the pipeline of art assets to engineering for loading into the game and adding features.
Worked with artists on the concept and look for the various creatures. Iterated heavily on the design to express what each represented.

Designed and mapped out the game systems for combat and creature interactions.  Tabled out monster types and their movesets overall and in relation to one another.

Scripted enemy combat sequences and the A.I. throughout the game.  Each A.I. took into consideration the opponent, types differences, combat changes and detection of common moves. Balanced the combat and progression, testing battles throughout the game.
Mapped out the levels and environments in the engine.  Integrated art assets to arrange the locations as needed.  Placed enemies and special bonuses in the game.

Prototyped the mechanics in Flash and ActionScript.  Then worked on moving that functionality over to the engine.

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