Top-down Kinect shoot'em up where players take control of 4 ships; one ship on each hand and one on each ankle.
Game Trailer
Using C# and the Kinect API, I was able to read the skeletal data from two skeletons off a single Kinect.  I grabbed the joint points from the skeletons and then using JavaScript and a local node server I transmitted that data to an ActionScript project.  From there I attached 4 ships to the skeletons, one on each hand, and one on each ankle.

Please excuse the test art that was made in Flash and Fireworks.  Blue ships are on autofire; green reflect enemy fire back at them; yellow deflects player fire at an angle; red was made to absorb enemy fire for power-ups.

Tools: C#, Flash, ActionScript, NodeJS, JavaScript, XNA, Kinect
Player Footage
Test the game a significant amount to make sure the ships could work properly on a human body.  Combining the ships would create more powerful combos so I had to make sure it wouldn't be impossible on a player.  The lower two ships were originally attached to the feet, but realized they were having trouble connecting so I bonded them to the ankles instead.

There was also a lot of testing done on multiplayer.  I ended up using the SmartFox Server to handle two players simultaneously.  Hope you enjoy watching me dance above as I test the combo ships.

Tools: SmartFox, ZendAMF
One-Page Visual Design
I created a one-page visual of how the game will work functionally using Fireworks and Photoshop.  Wanted to make sure the gameplay could be easily understood from the design.  The original design was going to have all 4 ships on autofire.

Tools: Fireworks, PhotoShop

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